Most retailers offer identical items in different sizes at varying price points. Packaging & More partners with our retailers to find the perfect intersection of item quantity, retail value, merchandise cost, packaging price and the overall product presentation to deliver as many unit sales as possible. Every retailer has different ideas on specific items, such as chocolate chip cookies and cut fruit. We use our industry expertise to develop a winning sales presentation for each item with each customer.

In the example of freshly cut fruit above, we worked with a customer to provide a lunch side order for one, a family dessert serving for four and a picnic sized reusable bowl for ten.


In this photo, we have packaged the same cookie three different ways. Because appealing to every customer’s needs would be impossible (price, quantity, home consumption or gift, dieting or not, impulse purchase), we hope to always offer one version of the right item at the right price.

We also try to limit the number of packaging items inventoried at each of our customer’s locations. If the deli, cheese, olive and kitchen departments are all packing 16oz servings of product, we suggest marketing them in the same container. Inventory costs and number of cases on hand can remain lower. Customers also appreciate having the same size stackable container in their refrigerator at home.